Regime Impatriati

Regime Impatriati

January 20, 2022

#RegimeImpatriati is a temporary tax benefit that has been grated by the Italian legislator as of May 1st, 2019, to whom decide to move to Italy and work as employee or as a freelancer.

If certain conditions are met, this scheme will allow taxpayers to obtain up to 90% tax relief.

To be eligible, the first condition is NOT having been fiscally resident in Italy in the two tax periods prior to the transfer, and the second requirement is to maintain continuous residence in Italy for at least the following two years.

This measure has been put in place for with the aim to:

    Attract qualified individuals to support the Italian financial and economic systems. Especially the national pension system (INPS)Encourage the “repopulation” of Southern Italian RegionsCounterbalance the so called “brain drain” that has been taking in place for the last two decades in Italy and that saw thousands of young talented Italians leaving the Country searching for a better future.

The aid has a maximum duration of 5 years, and it consists in a reduction of the taxable income between 70 and 90% (it depends in which Region the individua decided to move his/her residence).

The special tax scheme may be extended to a further 5 years in case the person has at least one minor or dependent child, or if the taxpayer in the meantime become the owner of a residential property in Italy.

The #RegimeImpatriati also applies to non-Italian nationals who legally transfer their residence to #Italy.

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