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Employ seamlessly in Italy

Whether you want to employ a worker or hire a contractor seamlessly and compliantly, Peoitaly got you covered. Leave the responsibilities of HR, compliance, benefits, and payroll to us as you concentrate on your business' growth.

Access and recruit to best talents without sustaining the costs of establishing a legal entity.

What is an "EMPLOYER OF RECORD" (EOR) in Italy and how it works

The term Employer of Record (EOR) refers to a service wherein a provider hires an employee for a third party, relieving the client of the legal and financial responsibilities associated with establishing a local entity. In Italy, only providers authorized by the Italian Ministry of Labour can offer this service, ensuring complete compliance.

Peoitaly is an Italian licensed agency who will employ a worker on your behalf. We will also ensure that social security payments, employee benefits and the entire payroll cycle are handled in compliance with a relevant Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs).

Here is how our Employer of Record services in Italy work:

  • You identify the employees to be hired as EOR in Italy.
  • We will guide you throughout the process, providing insights, evaluating potential risks, and recommending best practices when onboarding employees in Italy.
  • We employ the workers, handle all documentation, manage their compensation and benefits, and take care of tax and social security obligations in Italy. This guarantees that your company's policies fully adhere to Italian employment laws.
  • You will focus on your business’ growth without worrying about the rest.

How long does it take for Peoitaly to set this up?

As quickly as 24 - 48 hours provided our commercial terms are agreed upon.

What is a "NON-RESIDENT EMPLOYER" in Italy and how it works

A Non-Resident Employer, also known as a Foreign Employer (or, also, Non-Resident Payroll Company), refers to a company registered in a foreign country for employment purposes only. This solution enables your company to directly employ workers in Italy, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

PeoItaly will take care of the entire registration process on your behalf.

Here is how it works:

  • Introduce us your remote employees and share the contractual terms with us.
  • We assist you with registering as a Non-Resident Employer in Italy, taking care of onboarding, employee registration, and managing the monthly payroll on your behalf.
  • With our constant support, your sole obligation is to ensure timely payment of salaries to your employees.

How long does the registration process take?

The procedure is more complex when compared to utilizing our Employer of Record (EOR) services, taking approximately two months depending on how swiftly the necessary documents and application forms can be completed.

If you urgently need to hire a candidate but you don’t want to wait, you can use our EOR service while we assist you with establishing your company as a Non-Resident Employer.

What is an "AGENT OF RECORD" in italy and how it works?

In Italy, an Agent of Record (AOR) service involves a third-party provider managing administrative and regulatory requirements for independent contractors and freelancers on behalf of a client. AOR services are crucial due to variations in contractor regulations between countries. They provide compliance expertise and help prevent costly errors like misclassification, reducing liability for clients and offering benefits to contractors.

Here is how it works:

Much like the EOR, an Agent of Record (AOR) provider engages independent contractors and freelancers, who prefer working as non-employees. The AOR ensures correct worker classification, manages timekeeping, payments, and other responsibilities.

How long does the process take?

As quickly as 24 - 48 hours provided our commercial terms are agreed upon.

Here’s how you’ll benefit

  • Hassle-Free Italian Payroll Processing  We manage payroll calculations, tax withholding, and salary payments.
  • Simplified Employee Administration Benefit in Italy We handle employee benefits such as health insurance, public pension contributions, private pension plans, and other employee welfare programs ensuring that your workers are well taken care of.
  • Prevent Italian Tax Compliance Headaches Leave the burden of Italian compliance with tax regulations, including payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, and workers' compensation to Peoitaly.
  • Seamless Hr Administration in Italy We assist with human resources functions, such as onboarding, employee contracts, and disciplinary actions to ensure the matters are handles in compliance with Italian employment laws and CBAs.
  • Efficient Compliance Management in Italy     We stay up to date with labour laws and regulations, manage employment contracts, and ensure legal compliance.

Partner with Peoitaly to hire compliantly in Italy

By partnering with Peoitaly, you can swiftly and effectively onboard employees in Italy, all while sidestepping the complexities of extensive legal and administrative procedures.
If you are considering expanding your business into Italy, our hiring solutions can provide you with a streamlined and stress-free experience. Get in touch with us to hire your talents today!

PeoItaly is a staff leasing provider (professional employer organization) authorised by the Italian Ministry of Labor.

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