Engage with independent contractors and freelancers in Italy compliantly

Whether you want to employ a worker or hire a contractor seamlessly and compliantly, Peoitaly got you covered. Leave the responsibilities of HR, compliance, benefits, and payroll to us as you concentrate on your business' growth.

Access and recruit to best talents without sustaining the costs of establishing a legal entity.

What is an AGENT OF RECORD and how it works?

In Italy, an Agent of Record (AOR) service involves a third-party provider managing administrative and regulatory requirements for independent contractors and freelancers on behalf of a client. AOR services are crucial due to variations in contractor regulations between countries. They provide compliance expertise and help prevent costly errors like misclassification, reducing liability for clients and offering benefits to contractors.

Here is how it works:

  • Contract Agreement
    The contractor or freelancer enters into a contract with Peoitaly. Peoitaly, in turn, engages with clients or end-clients to provide the services of the contractor.
  • Timesheets and Invoicing
    Contractors submit timesheets or invoices for the work they have completed to Peoitaly. Peoitaly processes these timesheets or invoices and bills the client or end-client for the contractor's services.
  • Payroll Processing
    Peoitaly calculates the contractor's pay, deducts applicable taxes and social security contributions, and issues paychecks. The contractor receives a salary that reflects their net pay after deductions.
  • Tax and Compliance
    Peoitaly is responsible for ensuring compliance with local tax laws and regulations.
    It manages the payment of income taxes, social security contributions, and other statutory obligations on behalf of the contractor.
  • Administrative Support
    Peoitaly provides administrative support, handling tasks such as invoicing, record-keeping, and dealing with all the relevant paperwork.
  • Flexibility
    Contractors have the flexibility to work on multiple assignments with different clients without the administrative complexities of managing multiple self-employed businesses.
  • Contractor Expenses
    Peoitaly may allow contractors to claim certain business expenses, such as travel or accommodation, in compliance with tax regulations.

It's important to note that the specifics of how an umbrella company operates can vary, and clients should carefully review the terms and conditions of the umbrella company arrangement. Additionally, the legal and tax implications can vary by the setup of the agreement.

How long does the process take?

As quickly as 24 - 48 hours provided our commercial terms are agreed upon.

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