Employ in Italy directly without an intermediary

Whether you want to employ a worker or hire a contractor seamlessly and compliantly, Peoitaly got you covered. Leave the responsibilities of HR, compliance, benefits, and payroll to us as you concentrate on your business' growth.

Access and recruit to best talents without sustaining the costs of establishing a legal entity.

What is a NON-RESIDENT EMPLOYER in Italy and how it works

A Non-Resident Employer refers to an employer that does not have a permanent establishment in Italy but employs individuals or conducts business activities in the country. In other words, it is an employer that is not a resident for tax purposes in Italy where it has employees or operations.

Here are some key points about Non-Resident Employer:

  • No Permanent Establishment
    A non-resident employer does not have a permanent establishment in Italy, which typically includes a fixed place of business in the country
  • Employment Relationships
    Despite not having a permanent establishment, a non-resident employer may have employees, contractors, or other personnel working in Italy. This could be through remote work, short-term assignments, or other arrangements
  • Taxation
    Non-resident employers are often subject to specific tax rules in Italy. Tax obligations may (or may not) include withholding taxes on employee wages, compliance with local tax regulations, and other tax-related responsibilities
  • Compliance with Local Laws
    Non-resident employers must comply with employment laws and regulations in Italy. This includes adhering to labour standards, employment contracts, and other legal requirements
  • Challenges
    Managing a workforce in Italy from another country can present challenges related to communication, legal compliance, and cultural differences. It's important for non-resident employers to understand and navigate these challenges effectively and use the services of a trusted Humar Resource and Payroll partner like Peoitaly

Here is how it works:

  • Introduce us your remote employees and share the contractual terms with us.
  • We assist you with registering as a Non-Resident Employer in Italy, taking care of onboarding, employee registration, and managing the monthly payroll on your behalf.
  • With our constant support, your sole obligation is to ensure timely payment of salaries to your employees.

How long does the registration process take?

The procedure is more complex when compared to utilizing our Employer of Record (EOR) services, taking approximately two months depending on how swiftly the necessary documents and application forms can be completed.

If you urgently need to hire a candidate but you don’t want to wait, you can use our EOR service while we assist you with establishing your company as a Non-Resident Employer.

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