This really depends on the type of solution implemented. Once the T&C are agreed upon, the onboarding of the worker could take as little as 24 hours.
Based on our experience, however, the average onboarding time with a new client is around two weeks.

The decision will need to be made based on the nature of the engagement, the length of the assignment, the tasks performed by the worker and the level of control put in place by the client.
We can certainly help you to make the right decision by offering our analysis and solutions.

PEO Italy was established to offer solutions in ways that no one else in the market could.
We believe that to go global, you must first go local!
Specialisation and in-depth knowledge of the legislation and local culture is the key.

You have several options.
One is to use an EOR (Employer of Record) provider in Italy to help you outsource your remote hiring. Another option is to set up your own entity in Italy and start operating locally. A third option is to register your company as a foreign employer mitigating your PE liability. The fourth option is to work with a freelancer.
The good news is that we can help you with all the above!

Yes, yes and yes! Although we have a very good understanding of the international market (especially EMEA), we only want to focus on what we know best.

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