Immigration Services

Recruit and Employ Top Talent In Italy Despite Immigration Constraints

Employ NON-EU NATIONALS in Italy compliantly

Peoitaly supports businesses in employing NON-EU nationals and help workers securing employment in Italy. With our immigration services we can help companies overcoming work permit obstacles and restrictions in Italy.

Let our experience guide you through complex and lengthy Italian immigration system and VISA procedures.

PeoItaly’s end to end immigration support in Italy

Hiring non-EU individuals in Italy requires sponsorship, which typically involves a valid employment contract or job offer.

With our end-to-end immigration support we will guide you through the VISA and residence work permit (permesso di soggiorno) application process and we will employ your talents via our hiring services if required.

Here is how it works

  1. You identify the non-EU talent and share the employment details with us.
  2. We will issue the employment contract and start the immigration process. We will guide you and the employee thought the entire journey.
  3. Upon receipt of work permit, we will hire the worker and handle onboarding, registration, payroll, social security, and tax deductions.

How long does it take to receive work permit after application has been submitted?

It may take 3 to 4 months to obtain actual work permit depending on regional immigration authorities and number of applications that they receive. Time to collect necessary documents and application submission needs to be considered too.

Why and when to use PeoItaly work permit services?

  • Expertise
    Italy's immigration laws are complex, and it is easy to get discouraged. Errors during the application process caused by lack of experience, lead to delays and application rejections. Peoitaly has expertise in this area and can ensure the application is accurate and complete.
  • Language Assistance
    Peoitaly supports individuals seeking employment in a foreign country where they may not speak the language. We provide language assistance to ensure accurate completion of application forms and documents.
  • Complexity
    As the application process for a work permit in Italy is complex and involves a lot of paperwork, using Peoitaly will simplify the work permit application process and provide essential Italian language support.
  • Cost saving
    By choosing Peoitaly, the overall cost of service will be reduced as you will not be required to engage with an immigration lawyer and an additional immigration partner.
  • Project Delivery
    Focus on delivering the services your client has contracted you for in Italy. We'll take care of hiring the employees on your behalf, ensuring you can deploy their work and skills in full compliance.
  • Worker Relocating to Italy
    Transfer a non-EU employee to Italy is not possible without obtaining a valid work permit. Peoitaly is an Italian staff leasing agency offering has the tool and expertise to make this possible.

Here’s how you’ll benefit

  • Time Saving
    Navigating the paperwork and requirements for a work permit can be time-consuming. Peoitaly can streamline the process, saving applicants the hassle of researching and understanding the intricate details of immigration laws.
  • Increased Approval Chances
    Due to our experience, Peoitaly is familiar with the common pitfalls and mistakes that can lead to application rejections. We can help applicants avoid these errors, increasing the chances of approval.
  • Customized Advice
    We can provide personalized advice based on individual circumstances. Peoitaly can assess each situation and recommend the most suitable type of work permit, ensuring that all the requirements are met.
  • Legal Compliance
    Immigration laws and regulations can be complex and change frequently in Italy. Peoitaly stay updated with the latest changes and ensure that applications are in compliance with current laws.
  • Peace of Mind
    Having Peoitaly manage your application offers peace of mind, relieving the paperwork stress and enabling applicants to concentrate on other life or business matters.

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