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Setup your Own Entity in Italy and Outsource HR Functions to Us

  • Are you starting a business in Italy and need help managing your employees?
  • Are you unsure about how to begin offering the appropriate perks and benefits to your employees in Italy?
  • Are you interested in transitioning your employees from a third-party entity, such as an Employer of Record for example, to your own company?
  • Are you uncertain about which Collective Bargaining Agreement (known as Contratti Collettivi Nazionali di Lavoro or CCNL in Italian) to utilize?


Peoitaly offers a comprehensive range of services to support businesses in Italy. Our expertise includes collaborating with labor consultants and accountants on behalf of clients, customizing employment offer letters, and crafting employment contracts using our proprietary materials and expertise. We assist in employee onboarding and provide counsel and insights on labor law, engaging labor lawyers as needed. We assess accident insurance premiums tailored to employees' activities, guide and support in case of work-related accidents, and offer advice on travel reimbursement, per diem allowances, and other travel-related matters. Our team advises on benefit programs, provides guidance on private pension contributions, and offers direction on privacy regulations pertaining to employees.

Additionally, we assist in recording and processing sick leave certificates from doctors and support both employees and employers during mandatory and discretionary maternity leave. We handle payroll data collection, liaise with local Italian payroll providers, and address payroll inquiries. Our services also include offering counsel on terminations with the assistance of labor lawyers when necessary, and providing support and guidance on tax incentives and governmental support for employment.

Furthermore, Peoitaly specializes in recruitment and talent sourcing, health and safety training, and pre-employment medical examinations. We execute reference checks, handle expense validation, and accommodate other ad hoc requests to ensure a smooth and efficient HR and payroll process for our clients.

Our comprehensive approach includes:

Customizing Employment Offer Letters

Utilizing our proprietary materials and expertise, we tailor employment offer letters to meet the specific needs of your business and comply with Italian regulations.

Crafting Employment Contracts

We develop detailed employment contracts that outline the terms of employment, rights, and obligations of both parties, ensuring legal compliance and clarity.

Employee Onboarding

Our onboarding services help new hires acclimate quickly and efficiently, ensuring they are fully integrated into your organization from day one.

Italian Labor Law Guidance

We provide expert advice on Italian labor laws, and if needed, we engage specialized labor lawyers to address complex legal matters.

Insurance Premium Assessments

We assess and recommend accident insurance premiums tailored to the specific activities and risks associated with your employees' roles.

Support During Work-Related Accidents

In case of workplace accidents, we guide and support both employers and employees through the necessary procedures and documentation.

Travel and Expense Managemen

We offer advice on travel reimbursement policies, per diem allowances, and other travel-related matters to ensure compliance and cost efficiency.

Benefit Program Advising

We help design and implement employee benefit programs that are competitive and compliant with Italian standards.

Pension Contribution Guidance

We provide detailed guidance on private pension contributions, helping employees plan for their future financial security.

Privacy Regulation Compliance

Our services ensure that your company adheres to privacy regulations pertaining to employee data, safeguarding sensitive information.

Sick Leave Management

We assist in the accurate recording and processing of sick leave certificates from doctors, ensuring compliance with Italian labor laws.

Maternity Leave Support

We offer support to both employees and employers during mandatory and discretionary maternity leave, ensuring legal compliance and smooth transitions.

Payroll Data Management

Our team collects payroll data, liaises with local Italian payroll providers, and addresses any payroll inquiries, ensuring accurate and timely payroll processing.

Termination Counsel

We provide expert counsel on employee terminations, engaging labor lawyers as needed to navigate legal complexities and mitigate risks.

Tax and Governmental Support Guidance

We offer support and guidance on tax incentives and governmental programs available to employers, helping you maximize benefits and compliance.

Recruitment and Talent Sourcing

Our recruitment services help you find and attract the best talent, ensuring your team is equipped with skilled and motivated individuals.

Health and Safety Training

We provide comprehensive health and safety training, including pre-employment medical examinations, to ensure a safe and compliant workplace.

Reference Checks

We conduct thorough reference checks to verify candidate credentials and suitability for the role.

Expense Validation

Our team handles expense validation, ensuring that all employee expenses are accurately recorded and compliant with company policies.

Ad Hoc Requests

We accommodate other ad hoc HR and payroll requests, providing flexible and responsive support to meet your business needs.

By partnering with Peoitaly, you can focus on your core business activities while we handle the complexities of HR and payroll management, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.


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