Umbrella Company in Italy. Payroll and employee management made easy.

An umbrella company is a business entity that acts as an employer for contractors and freelancers who work on temporary contract assignments, usually through staffing agencies. The umbrella company serves as an intermediary between the contractor and the client company where the work is performed.

Here's how it typically works:

  1. Contractor Agreement: The contractor signs a contract with the umbrella company, becoming an employee of the umbrella company.
  2. Assignment: The contractor is then assigned to work on specific projects or tasks for client companies. The client company pays the umbrella company for the contractor's services.
  3. Payment: The umbrella company processes payments received from the client, deducts taxes, national insurance contributions, and a fee for their services, and then pays the contractor a net salary. This simplifies the tax and administrative processes for the contractor, as the umbrella company handles tax calculations and payments on their behalf.
  4. Legal and Administrative Support: The umbrella company also provides administrative support, such as handling contracts, timesheets, and other paperwork associated with the contractor's assignments.

Using an umbrella company can provide benefits for contractors, such as simplifying tax matters and administrative tasks, although it may come with additional fees for their services. It's essential for contractors to understand the terms and conditions offered by different umbrella companies before entering into an agreement.

Is this setup legal in Italy?

In Italy, the concept of umbrella companies, as it exists in the UK and some other countries, is not as commonly used. Instead, freelance and temporary workers in Italy typically operate as self-employed individuals or through authorised staffing agencies. These individuals can provide their services directly to clients or work through agencies, which handle administrative tasks and legal compliance.

Contractors can be hired to work at the client premises (physical or virtual) only by using a company with a valid Italian labor leasing license. In Italy, the labor leasing activity is regulated by specific laws and requires a license from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies (Ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Sociali) to operate legally.

How can Peoitaly help contractors and their clients?

Peoitaly can act as an umbrella company and act as an intermediary between contractors or freelancers and the clients or end-users for whom the work is performed.

  1. Contractor Engagement: Contractors or freelancers enter into an agreement with the Peoitaly. We become their employer of record for tax and administrative purposes.
  2. Assignment: The contractor works on assignments for client companies or agencies. These assignments can vary in duration and can be short-term or long-term projects.
  3. Timekeeping and Invoicing: Contractors submit their timesheets and invoices to Peoitaly for the work done during the assignment. Peoitaly keeps a record of the hours worked and the services provided.
  4. Payment Processing: The client company or agency pays Peoitaly for the contractor's services. Peoitaly processes these payments, deducts taxes, mandatory insurance contributions, and its service fee, and then pays the contractor their net salary.
  5. Tax and Compliance: We handle all tax calculations, payments, and compliance with Italian labor law and regulations on behalf of the contractor. This includes deducting income tax and social security contributions as required by law.
  6. Benefits and Support: Peoitaly can offer additional benefits to contractors, such as access to employee benefits like pension schemes, holiday pay, and insurance coverage. We also provide administrative support, including handling contracts, legal paperwork, and queries related to the contractor's employment status.
  7. End of Assignment: When the assignment is completed, Peoitaly ensures that all financial and administrative matters are settled. If the contractor moves on to another assignment, the process starts anew.

Who can benefit from our umbrella services in Italy?

Peoitaly hiring services can be beneficial for various individuals and organizations, including:

  • Contractors and Freelancers: We are particularly useful for contractors and freelancers who work on assignments in Italy. These professionals can benefit from the administrative ease of having Peoitaly handle tax, invoicing, and paperwork on their behalf, allowing them to focus on their work without the burden of complex administrative tasks.
  • Recruitment Agencies: Recruitment agencies often work with us to manage the payroll and administrative responsibilities for the contractors they place in Italy. This arrangement simplifies the process for the agency and ensures that contractors are paid accurately and on time.
  • International Workers: Expatriates or foreign workers employed in Italy where they do not have a permanent tax residence may can find services helpful in managing their tax obligations and ensuring compliance with local regulations.
  • Companies Hiring Leased Staff: Businesses that require leased employees can benefit from Peoitaly EOR services in Italy as well. These companies can hire skilled professionals without the administrative hassle associated with managing payroll, taxes, and benefits.

If you are a contractor, a recruitment agency or a company looking for Umbrella, EOR (Employer of Record) or Staff Leasing services in Italy, Peoitaly is your perfect partner.


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