Understanding EBITEMP. What is it and how it works?

For candidates and workers engaging with employment agencies and operating under temporary and permanent employment contracts, familiarity with Ebitemp, or the Bilateral Temporary Employment Agency, is essential. Let's explore what Ebitemp is, how it functions, and the protections and benefits it provides for workers involved in temporary employment.

Ebitemp: A Brief Overview

As previously mentioned, Ebitemp stands for the Bilateral Temporary Employment Agency. The concept of establishing an entity dedicated to agency workers originated in 1998 with the signing of the first collective agreement in the sector by labor unions and employer associations. Ebitemp was subsequently founded in 2000 as a result of this contractual agreement, representing a unique feature within the realm of employment agencies.

Presently, Ebitemp is associated with Assolavoro and Assosomm, the two representative associations for employment agencies, as well as the labor union organizations FeLSA-CISL, NIDIL-CGIL, and UILTemp, along with the three trade union confederations CGIL, CISL, and UIL.

Objectives of Ebitemp

As a non-profit organization, Ebitemp operates in the best interests of both workers and agencies. Its primary objectives include safeguarding agency workers and fostering the productive and occupational development of the sector. To achieve these goals, Ebitemp engages in two key activities:
Managing bilateral relations and safeguarding union rights in the labour leasing sector.

Providing guarantees and protection to temporary workers through benefits and incentives outlined in the National Collective Labor Agreement for Employment Agencies.

How Ebitemp Works for Workers

Who is eligible for Ebitemp? All workers employed by licensed employment agencies. Accessing the services offered is as simple as completing the necessary forms available on the official website. Each service has specific eligibility requirements, easily verifiable within the dedicated section of the site https://ebitemp.it.

Specifically, the protections, benefits, and services offered to workers fall into three main categories:


Childcare facility contribution
Maternity support
One-time support for adoption and fostering
Education support
Support for non-self-sufficiency


Healthcare coverage
Compensation for workplace injuries


Personal loans
Mobility benefits

Regarding training programs, the relevant Bilateral Entity is Forma.temp.

How Ebitemp Works for Employment Agencies (APL)

According to the collective agreement, employment agencies are obligated to contribute to Ebitemp as follows:

- 0.2% of taxable salaries paid to temporarily employed workers under fixed-term contracts.
- 0.3% of taxable salaries paid to permanent employed workers under indefinite-term contracts.

Since 2015, Ebitemp also provides financial contributions to Employment Agencies in the event of transforming a previously fixed-term employment relationship into an indefinite-term one or hiring a worker under temporary employment into an indefinite-term position.

Who Bears the Costs?

No costs are passed on to workers. To achieve its objectives, Ebitemp relies on contributions from employment agencies, as stipulated in the negotiated agreement between the involved parties.

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