Italian Employment Agency: Guidelines for Employer of Record and Recruitment Operations in Italy

In Italy, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies has established a detailed legal framework to regulate the operations of employment agencies. This legislation, as outlined in Legislative Decree No. 81 of 2015, aims to govern activities related to administration, intermediation, search and selection of personnel (recruitment), and support for professional outplacement.

Special Register of Employment Agencies

The legislation introduces a special register (accessible here: divided into five sections, each catering to specific types of employment agencies:

  • Temporary employment agencies (employer of record - EOR - staffing)
  • Permanent temporary employment agencies (employer of record - EOR - staffing)
  • Brokerage agencies
  • Recruitment and selection agencies
  • Outplacement support agencies

Authorization Process

The Ministry of Labour and Social Policies is responsible for authorizing agencies to carry out specific activities. The legislation outlines a provisional authorization process, with the ministry issuing a provisional authorization within sixty days, subject to compliance with legal and financial requirements.

Authorization Duration

After two years, authorized agencies may apply for an indefinite authorization. The ministry issues the authorization for an indefinite period within ninety days, contingent upon compliance with legal obligations and the correct performance of activities.

Obligations and Notifications

Authorized agencies must notify the granting authority of any changes in seat, opening of subsidiaries or branches, and cessation of activity. They are also required to provide the granting authority with all requested information.

Decree Establishment

The Minister of Labour and Social Policies is tasked with issuing a decree within thirty days to establish procedures for authorization requests, criteria for verifying activity performance, revocation procedures, and other organizational aspects of the register.

Automatic Registration

Registration in certain sections of the register automatically entails registration in others, streamlining the process for agencies involved in multiple activities.


The authorization granted under this law is not transferable as a commercial transaction.

In Italy, employment agencies, whether enlisted for recruitment purposes or tasked with hiring workers on behalf of another company, are required to obtain authorization from the Italian Ministry of Labour.
Failure to engage a licensed agency may result in legal consequences for the employing company (client).

How to make sure that an employment provider is licensed in Italy?

It's a straightforward process. Simply visit (Google Chrome browser is recommended), select "Consultazione Albo" at the top left, input the provider's name under "Ragione sociale," and then click "Filtra".

Within a few seconds, if the provider is licensed, the list of authorizations will be displayed below.

Absence of data indicates that the provider is not authorized for employment, recruitment, or labor leasing activities in Italy. 

Engaging an unlicensed provider can result in legal repercussions for the client.


Italy's legislative framework for employment agencies, as outlined in Legislative Decree No. 81 of 2015, seeks to establish a structured and regulated environment for agencies involved in personnel administration, intermediation, and related activities. By implementing a comprehensive authorization process and specifying the responsibilities and obligations of authorized entities, the legislation aims to ensure transparency, compliance, and fair practices within the employment agency sector.

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